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A woman is having a baby.....

A woman is just about to give birth in the hospital when she says
to the doctor, "Doc, do me a favour. Tell me what colour the baby
is as it's being born." The doctor is understandably a little
puzzled at this. "Why don't you know what colour the child is
going to be?"

"Well", says the woman, "The problem is that I'm a porno actress
and the child was conceived during the making of a film. I have
no idea who the father is."

"Ok", says the doctor, "I'll do it for you but it is most

The baby begins to be born and the doctor says "Here comes the
head, it seems to have yellow skin and the eyes are slanted. Was
one of the actors Chinese?"

"Yes, doctor he was.", says the woman.

"Wait", says the doctor, "The chest and arms are out and they
seem to be very dark. Was one of the actors black?"

"Yes, doctor he was."   

"Wait, now the legs are out and they're brown. Was one of the
actors Asian?" 

"Yes, doctor he was."

So the doctor pulls the baby free and gives it the traditional
slap on the back. The baby lets out out a healthy "Waaaahh" and
starts crying.

"Oh, thank God for that.", says the woman, "For a moment there, I
expected it to bark!"


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